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Onondaga Lake Park Field Trip 
Waden nwa awenha
June 17, 2012               
Syracuse, NY- On June 6th 2012, the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders from ONS went on a field trip to the Onondaga Lake Park. This trip served as a fitting culmination of a year long program working with environmental education specialist Jack Gramlich.
One of the first activities that Mr. Gramlich scheduled was fishing. “When I  went fishing I had to put on the worm myself and it felt so weird,” stated Haenhyanonhna. “At first only tiny minnows nibbled at the worm, then came the bigger fish.”

Coaxing the fish Haenhyanonhna said, “Come on fish, take the bait!”
Soon he waited and waited until a big fish took  the hook on and he yanked his pole and the big fish lost his hook! After that Haenhyanonhana was upset but he thought, “Oh well, maybe next time.”
Dominic told that fishing was his favorite part of the day. He said that he figured out that the fish liked to hide under the pier and by sending his hook under there he could get them to bite. His technique worked as he caught three fish. He said that the only thing he did not enjoy was the fact that we had to stop fishing to do other activities.
The students were also able to visit the Salt Museum and learn about Syracuse’s history with salt by taking part in an interactive play. Micah stated that this was his favorite part because some classmates dressed up like ghosts from the past. Many students were dressed as workers in a salt factory. He thought Jaden’s costume was the best because he was wearing a workers apron and a hat and had to hold a big wooden spoon.
The classes were also able to walk around the marina at the lake. There were  interesting things in the water besides the fish. Elan thought that there were pebbles stuck on the rocks. But Mr. Gramlich informed him, “Those are zebra muscles.”
There are millions of zebra muscles in the water and on the shore. There are so many shells on the shore that Mr. Gramlich calles it 'Zebra Muscle Beach'.
While walking past Zebra Muscle Beach, Mr. Gramlich exclaimed, “Oh look, a water snake!”
The snake was especially long and really thick. Elan said of the snake, “I thought that it was cool to see a water snake because that snake looked like a baby anaconda.”
There was more than zebra muscles and water snakes enjoying the lake. There were seagulls as well. In fact the students witnessed two seagulls fighting over a fish, while one was laying an egg. Diana said of the seagulls, “There was all this splashing all over the place and a fish flying between the two. That was extremely cool.”
But the excitement didn’t stop there! When the class looked back at their lunches they brought from school, they were surprised to see that 3 squirrels were eating their lunches! The squirrels were enjoying their PBJs. Alexia said of the lost lunches, “When the squirrels stole the lunches Mr. Gramlich had to buy us pizzas!”
Finally, the class was able monitor the health of the lake. The class was divided into groups to take samples of water from the lake. Mr. Gramlich explained the water testing procedure.

Overall the trip was a success and a truly memorable experience for all.

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