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12-13 - 3rd grade Amidon fractured fables::
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12-13 2nd grade Pettitt Titanic photostory::
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12-13 3rd grade pun photostories::
12-13 3rd grade Stoner Australia project::
12-13 4th grade animal comparison glogs::
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12-13 Amidon voki book recs::
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12-13 What my kindergarten teacher does best::
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1st grade The Important Thing::
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2nd grade - Donohue country glogs 2011-12::
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2nd grade - Panda Project 2011-12::
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2nd grade - Wiley animal photostories::
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3d grade book recommendations::
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3rd grade pun photostories 2011-12::
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Grimshaw Library::
Dewey, or don't we?

We do... use Dewey that is.
In 1876, Melvil Dewey created a system to help organize the materials in a library - a system that we still use today.  4th graders have been studying this system and the 10 sections that Dewey created for non-fiction books.  Interested in learning more?  Click on the links below to open the photostories about the non-fiction section made by our 4th grade students.

Amidon Geloff Saba
The 000s
by Cameron & Alyssa
The 000s
by Sam & Lindsay
The 000s
by Brandon & Kaitlin
The 300s
by Shaylin & Jorja
The 300s
by Jack & Cameryn
The 300s
by Colton & Amelia
The 400s
by Hayden & Morgan
The 400s
by Rebekah & Kyle
The 400s
by Kyle & Nicole
The 500s
by Mason & Ashley
The 500s
by Dawsun, Scott, & Brenda
The 500s
by Kendra, Devin, & Molly
The 600s
by Farrah & Bella
The 600s
by Kylee & Sara
The 600s
by Hunter & Krimson
The 700s
by Kyle & Grace
The 700s
by Colin & Makenzie
The 700s
by Emma & Wyatt
The 800s
by Riley & Alex
The 800s
by Kyle & Jessica
The 800s
by Patricia & Hanna
The 900s
by Luke & Zoe
The 900s
by Robyn & Eliza
The 900s
by Evy & Darryl

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