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8th Homework


Wednesday, September 6: Welcome back! No homework!
Thursday, September 7: Bring in School Supplies
Friday, September 8: Create a Home Study Center (sketch a picture of it to hand in)

Monday, September 11: Evaluate (-6)4  and -64. Determine if they are the same or different.
Tuesday, September 12: WKBK 1A p.4
Wednesday, September 13: Exit Ticket 1
Thursday, September 14: Finish Multiplication Sprint 1
Friday, September 15: None

Monday, September 18: Exit Ticket 2
Tuesday, September 19: None (STAR Testing)
Wednesday, September 20: Exit Ticket 3
Thursday, September 21: Exit Ticket 4
Friday, September 22: None

Monday, September 25: None
Tuesday, September 26: WKBK 1B p.3
Wednesday, September 27: Mixed Practice WKST (due Friday)
Thursday, September 28: None
Friday, September 29: None

Monday, October 9: No Class- Cultural Nature Walk
Tuesday, October 10: WKBK 1B p.18 Problem Set
Wednesday, October 11: Visit all of your teachers at OPEN HOUSE!
Thursday, October 12: No Class- Fabric Trip
Friday, October 13: None

Monday, October 16: Study for Module 1A & B Test
Tuesday, October 17: Test today! No homework!
Wednesday, October 18: WKBK 2A/B p.14
Thursday, October 19: None
Friday, October 20: None

Monday, October 23: Finish WKBK p.17 (notes on Reflections & Reflectional Symmetry)
Tuesday, October 24: WKBK p.19
Wednesday, October 25: WKBK p.22
Thursday, October 26: Walking Tour~ No Class
Friday, October 27: None

Monday, October 30: Rigid Motion and Congruence Practice #1-10 (after WKBK p.26)
Tuesday, October 31: None
Wednesday, November 1: None
Thursday, November 2: WKBK p.41-42
Friday, November 3: None

Monday, November 6: Complete WKBK 2A/B p.49-50
Tuesday, November 7: STUDY for tomorrow's test!
Wednesday, November 8: None (hand in WKBK 2 A/B)


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LaFayette Central School District
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