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8th Homework


Wednesday, September 5: Welcome back! Please bring in school supplies by Friday.
Thursday, September 6: Create a Home Study Center (sketch a picture of it to hand in)
Friday, September 7: Release time~ No class

Monday, September 10: Release Time- No class
Tuesday, September 11: Release time~ No class
Wednesday, September 12: None
Thursday, September 13: WKBK 1A p.7-8
Friday, September 14: None

Monday, September 17: Exit Ticket 1/2 WKST
Tuesday, September 18: Exit Ticket 3. Bring your parents to Open House!
Wednesday, September 19: Fabric Trip- No Class
Thursday, September 20: Module 1A Review WKST
Friday, September 21: Module 1A Assessment today ~ No HW

Monday, September 24: Exit Ticket 7/8 WKST; finish WKBK1B p.3 (started in pairs in class)
Tuesday, September 25: WKBK 1B p.11
Wednesday, September 26: Scientific Notation practice WKST
Thursday, September 27: WKBK 1B p.12-13 and Sprint 1/2 WKST
Friday, September 28: None

Monday, October 1: WKBK p.16-18, Exit Ticket 9 
Tuesday, October 2: Exit Ticket 10, WKBK 1B p.19-20
Wednesday, October 3: Exit Ticket 13; Module 1 Assessment tomorrow!!!
Thursday, October 4: None
Friday, October 5: No School~ Staff Development Day

Monday, October 8: None
Tuesday, October 9: Monuments Tour~ No class
Wednesday, October 10: STAR Testing ~ No HW
Thursday, October 11: WKBK 2A/B p.14
Friday, October 12: None

Monday, October 15: Finish WKBK 2A/B p.17
Tuesday, October 16:
Wednesday, October 17: No Class~ Orenda Trip
Thursday, October 18:
Friday, October 19: None
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