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Canada Webquest


WebQuest For 5th Grade




Congratulations! After a grueling interview process, you have been selected by the Canadian Department of Tourism to develop an ad campaign for a province of Canada. You will be developing an ad campaign that includes a brochure, print ad or a commercial. If your ad campaign is approved, you will be promoted to a new position as the Commissioner of Canadian Tourism! 

The Task:

As a member of the Canadian Advertisement Team, you will be working with a group of 2 – 3 students. Each group member will be responsible for specific tasks that will help the group achieve its final product. As a group, you will discuss the responsibilities of each group member and submit a proposal to your teacher. Your proposal will list each group member and what they will do to contribute to the final product.

The following are some questions/topics you must address in your project and presentation:

• Describe the geography of your province. What land features make your province unique? How does the geography of your province impact the culture and everyday lives of its inhabitants?

• What is the climate of your province? How does the climate impact residents as well as tourists to the area? Does the climate lend itself to any special sports or activities for visitors to participate in during their visit?

• What festivals and cultural attractions are unique to your province? Why should tourist visit your province? Why is your province special? What unique historical sights and tourist attractions can be enjoyed in your province?

• Describe the economy in your province. What types of businesses are most profitable in that area? Why are certain businesses particularly profitable or not profitable?



The Process:

Create 8 – 10 research cards that are organized by subtopic. These cards should include research that is pertinent to your province and that will be included in your brochure, poster or commercial.

You will highlight particular areas of your province for the audience. This should include the following topics:

a. Geography/Landforms

b. Climate

c. History

d. Places of Interest/Landmarks

e. Tourist Attractions

f. Food/Festivals

g. Economy

You will be working with a team of colleagues to prepare and present you ad campaign to the class. As a team you will be responsible for preparing one of the following materials:

1. A brochure on your Canadian Province. Your brochure will be created in Google Docs with a template. 


2. A poster size advertisement of your province. This poster must include a combination of hand drawn pictures, computer graphics and images.


3. 5-10 slide commercial that ‘sells’ your province to the class. The commercial will be created using google slides.


Databases (reliable and accurate):

Infobits >geography>Canadian Provinces

Grolier Databases

Worldbook Databases


Internet Sites:

Government of Canada - Canadian Government Site

The Atlas of Canada - Canadian maps and factual information)

Canada For Kids - Canadian Information – links to a variety of topics



Your project will be evaluated using a scoring rubric. This rubric will award points for all parts of the project. 


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