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Letter from The LaFayette Board of Education

The LaFayette Central School District recognizes the concerns of the Onondaga Nation and remains committed to ongoing cooperation, collaboration and respectful dialogue in its operation of the Onondaga Nation School.  The Onondaga Nation's active participation in the Onondaga Nation School is a testament to its commitment to the future of its community and our students.  

The Board of Education welcomes input from all community members, including the Onondaga Nation, in budgetary, hiring and curricula-related matters.  We encourage civic engagement in these important dialogues for our students and community.  Active communication between the Board of Education and members of the public, including the Onondaga Nation, is vital to ensuring the representation of numerous perspectives and concerns for our schools.  Concerns brought to the Board will continue to be appropriately addressed.

The Onondaga Nation School is a unique school that builds community within the Onondaga Nation and with the rest of the LaFayette school community.  The District continues to operate with respect toward the Onondaga Nation as evidenced by its school calendar, teaching of Onondaga language and culture including the addition of a third teacher of Onondaga language, efforts made to acquire approval for a renovation, and facilitating a visit from New York State Education Commissioner Elia and her delegation. The District endeavors to ensure that the Onondaga Nation's rights and traditions are honored, as with any other member of the District community.  To suggest otherwise undermines the years of collaborative work between the two.  

We appreciate our strong relationship with the Nation and look forward to many more years of open dialogue and efforts at continuing to strengthen the education opportunities for our students.

LaFayette Central School District Board of Education

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