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Duties of a Clan Mother

The Clan Mother has many important duties. The first duty is the welfare of her clan.  This means that she is there to council or talk to the members of her clan if they need help.  Another duty is to select the leaders.  The Clan Mother looks to the male members of the clan to see who can speak for their clan at council meetings.  The Clan Mother also attends council meetings.  They are to ensure that the council follows the ways of the Great peace.  Also the Clan Mother  provides names.  They are said to have a bag of clan manes for the people of their clan to be given a name.  When a person passes, that name goes back into the Clan Mother's bag of names.  Clan Mothers are also responsible for ceremonies.  Ceremonies cannot begin without a Clan Mother present.  They are there to make sure everything runs appropriately.  They also have a very important duty of setting up when the ceremonies should begin.

Days of the midwinter ceremonies
The biggest sacred time of the Onondaga lasts for 21 days.  During this time it a time when we give thanks for all that we are given from the Creator.
3 days of repenting
3 days of Peach Stone/on the last night of Peach Stone we begin Dream Guessing
2 more nights of Dream Guessing
1  day for White Dog
1  day for Children's Day
1  day for Drum Dance
1  day for Creator's Day
1  day for All Foods Day
1  day for Peace Stone
7  days of Quiet Time
1  day of House to House

Name all dances of All foods Day
1.  Thunder Dance
2.  Feather Dance
3.  Corn Dance
4.  Woman's Dance (then we eat)
5.  Woman's Dance
6.  Bean Dance

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