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Mr. Mahoney's Science Page For Fifth and Sixth Grades

FIFTH GRADE -Thank you for bringing in the pond water,insects,worms,algae, and soil.
The students can't wait to bring in tadpoles,littlefishies,snails. Please we don't want snakes,crayfish,predatory fish in the pond.                                                                                             
The fifth graders next week will be generating questions of interest about the pond.They also will be learning about the size of the pond and how that affects the temperature; as well as the depth of the pond.We will be taking temperature readings,looking at how water leaves a pond and how it gets into a pond. Next, we will be learning about PH levels,Dissolved Oxygen levels and how they affect the pond ecosystem. We are just going into Dissolved Oxygen this week and its affect on aquatic organisms.May 29-May 31
 Fifth Grade HAS HOMEWORK TONIGHT MAY 29th,2019 It is a drawing of a pond based on questions and answers they have in their notes. We will put the final touches on it tomorrow May 30th,2019 in class.  

SIXTH GRADE "Pond News" May20,2019-May23, 2019

  We are now in Ponds and Wetlands and have been for a while. Students can still bring in creatures and plants for their pond.We have learning about substrates of a pond,PH Level and its affects on a pond and its living organisms.Tomorrow we will be looking and pond shape and temperature and then we will move on to dissolved oxygen.We Have Covered All This And For Homework Tonight May29,2019 Sixth Grade Has to Draw a Pond based on their notes they took in class. We will complete the ponds in class tomorrow May 30,2019

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