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ONS School Store 
Waden nwa awenha
June 19, 2012   
Onondaga Nation-ONS Fifth graders set up and managed a school store which they called the 5th Grade Dollar General.  Each student had a voice in what they thought would be suitable items to sell in the store. Mrs. Powless commented, “It was interesting to listen to the conversations about what they wanted to sell. They really were able to keep in mind their potential target customer and adjust their inventory wish list accordingly.”

They calculated the unit price and judging from the price and what they thought would be most popular, they narrowed the product list to about a dozen items.  To be able to place their order they had to borrow money from their ‘banker’, Ms. Ellsworth.  Once the product was in, they calculated a selling price and set up a cart store front.  The 5th Grade Dollar General was open for business in the cafeteria during all lunches 2 days each week.  Keegan said that he enjoyed learning how to count change. 

Jaden said he thought “it was hard when there was a line of kids and they all had questions”. 

  Students were surprised after a flurry of business their first week that they still didn’t have enough to pay back their loan. After a couple of weeks the store did pay off the loan and made a profit! 

Alexia said that she learned that “when something sells a lot, you can charge more”. The store taught the students many math and life lessons.

Elan felt this was “good experience on how to run a business”.

This could mean a budding crop of entrepreneurs coming from ONS.

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