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Press Release - August 24th 2018

CNY Central featured the following news story-  "Plans to Use Federal Funds to Arm Teachers" - following a visit to the LaFayette CSD Board of Education meeting on Thursday August 23, 2018. This headline did not accurately reflect the content covered at Thursday’s board meeting.


To be clear, LaFayette CSD did not discuss using federal funds to arm teachers during Thursday’s board meeting.


A public hearing was held on our emergency response plan and there was a discussion on the district's recent efforts relative to school safety. There was no discussion related to the use of federal funds to arm teachers.


A reporter interviewed Superintendent Jeremy Belfield prior to the board meeting. During the interview,  Mr. Belfield shared that the district recently increased police coverage at our schools from Onondaga County Sheriff deputies by adding an additional 15 hours of coverage per week and increasing the total number of deputies available during the school day.


The district has not pursued the idea of using federal funds to arm teachers. LaFayette CSD receives a small amount of federal funds. Federal funds are allocated for assisting students in meeting academic goals.

CNY Central has pulled the news story and issued a verbal apology to the district for the inaccurate news story.


If you have any questions, please contact Superintendent Jeremy Belfield at 315-529-9550 or

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