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LaFayette CSD Legend of Learning

LaFayette CSD wants to recognize staff members who:

Help to advance the mission and vision of the district
Go above and beyond
Demonstrate that they put our students first
Support student learning
Treat students and others with dignity, respect, and compassion
Embrace creativity and innovation

Staff members can be nominated through an online survey which will be made available on our website. When staff members are nominated, the nomination will be reviewed by me and the staff member’s supervisor for accuracy. Once approved, the staff member will be contacted and presented with the “Legends of Learning” cape, and a certificate of recognition. The staff member’s nomination will appear on our website with a brief description as to why they were nominated. 

Individuals who are nominated will hold the honor for a month. Our legends of learning will also be asked to assist in the nomination process for the next legend of learning by assisting with recognizing someone else who is deserving of the honor.

Danielle Robinson: Jan 2023  Bobbi Jo Buck: Feb. 2023  Charmaine Booth: Mar. 2023

Catherine Edwards: Apr. 2023 Megan Zehner: May 2023

Kelly Kubeja: Jan. 2022      Sarah Munnell: Feb. 2022    Sue Sores: Mar. 2022 

Patricia Unger: May 2022   Peter Mahunik: June 2022   Walter Nowey: Sept. 2022

Amanda Reppi: Oct. 2022  Winonah McCoy: Nov. 2022  Lori Hughes: Dec. 2022

Matthew Priest:
Oct. 2021    Hollis Rotella: Nov. 2021          Kerri Haumann: Dec. 2021

Maria Edwards: Sept. 2021     Ashley Kolbeck: June 2021      Joanne Powless: May 2021 

Kymberly Weil : April 2021         Jay Czyz: March 2021                Jerry Kelly: Feb. 2021

Andrea Amidon : Jan. 2021                            

Legend of Learning

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