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Students Preparing Apple Pies Ahead of Apple Festival

This week, students from Ms. Charpentier’s Culinary Arts class has been baking apple pies in anticipation of this weekend’s 46th Annual LaFayette Apple Festival.

For the 2018 event, nearly 60 culinary students are combining their efforts to produce delicious apple pies for the contest. The goal? Have 13 tasty fall pies ready for judging by Friday night.

LaFayette’s district staff members were invited to partake in a test run of the pies on Tuesday, trying out the students’ first effort and offering constructive feedback as needed. The recipe will be fine-tuned over Wednesday and Thursday, before ultimately being brought to the judges table on Friday evening. During last year’s festival, three student pies placed during the final judging, but the Culinary Arts crew has its sights set on earning even more acclaim in what will be the program’s fourth year participating in the annual contest.

This project isn’t all fun and games, however (even if the end result is delightful). Students have only the dedicated 40 minute school period to make both the crust and the pie filling from scratch, adding a sense of urgency to the preparation, though this does add to the accomplishment that is the finished product.

The project itself was generously (and fully) funded by Deer Run Farms Orchard, who supplied several bags of apples, as well as a $150 donation from Wegman’s to help purchase the additional supplies needed for the baking contest. The LaFayette Central School District sincerely thanks both businesses for their contribution and support.

We look forward to seeing how the finished product is received on Friday evening, and we hope everyone has a blast at the apple festival on Saturday and Sunday!

bags of apples that will be used for pie filling
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