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Grimshaw Welcomes Honored Guests for Grandparents' Day

Last weekend, the Grimshaw Association of Parents and Staff (GAPS) welcomed the community to the 16th annual Grandparents’ Day!

This year’s event was well-attended, seeing almost 400 honored guests walk through the doors of the Grimshaw Elementary School. Grandparents were first treated to a performance by members of the fourth grade chorus, who worked with Mrs. Snyder for weeks as they practiced the songs.

Guests then spent time with their hosts in the classrooms, participating in a variety of activities let by teachers and teaching assistants. Mrs. Reppi coordinated an art show exhibition in the gymnasium, offering the hosts a chance to show off some off some of the amazing work they’ve done during the school year.

Finally, visitors to grandparents day were offered the chance to have their portraits taken, with the help of the reading room teachers!

The event provided a memorable experience for both the students and their guests, and the turnout was incredible! The GAPS team would like to thank all of the Grimshaw staff, parent volunteers (especially Lori Olin, who coordinated the decorations and set up), custodial staff, student council members, and the LASP for making the day a huge success.

The transportation department also deserves thanks for transporting guests to and from the school and the LaFayette Fire Barn. We’d also like to thank the LaFayette CSD administrators and secretaries, and those who helped out with the Gertrude Hawk fundraiser, the proceeds of which funded this wonderful event!

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welcome grandparents!

guests gathered at the school

students and grandparents doing activities

students and guests tour the school

students show guests the book fair

guests tour the art exhibit!

students pose for portraits

student chorus sings for guests

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