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LaFayette Students Take on Teen Institute Leadership Positions

lafayette students take picture at teen institute reception
Last week, several LaFayette students attended the Teen Institute Leadership Reception. The Teen Institute offers an intensive leadership training experience that is based on trust in the ability of young people to help themselves, and their peers, make responsible choices about drugs and alcohol. Once basic knowledge has been acquired, students can then provide education and programs in their schools and community organizations. These students also sign a pledge with a family member to remain drug and alcohol free - and to uphold Teen Institute Values - during their years of service.

The leadership reception was held to honor graduating seniors from the program, but also to induct new youth staff and senior youth staff into the program. Students that are eligible to be part of youth staff have to have attended a Teen Institute conference, and must also exhibit leadership skills. Senior youth staff is for students who have previously been youth staff and exhibit exceptional leadership skills.

This year, five LaFayette students were inducted as Teen Institute leadership: Hanna Pierce, Hunter Martorella, and Jessica Battelle were inducted as youth staff, and Layton Harris and Kierstin Rurka were inducted as senior youth staff!

Teen Institute leadership positions require substantial commitment, as members work weekends, late nights, and sometimes even overnight to prepare everything for the regional conference in November. Not only do these students help organize the conference, but they also run breakout groups, skill-building activities, and are responsible for getting 300 or so other teenagers “out of their shells” and conversing with one another. All five of the students mentioned above are dedicated members of the LaFayette Teen Institute team, and exhibit tremendous leadership potential. We are beyond excited to see what wonderful things these students will do at this fall’s conference!
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