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BPS Teacher Earns Prestigious Honor

Leonardo “Lenny” Oppedisano, LaFayette Big Picture Advisor and Science Teacher, was awarded the “Big Picture Learning Advisor of the Year” award! 

On July 24, Lenny received the award at the annual Big Picture Learning International Conference on Student Centered Learning, held in Detroit, Michigan. Lenny is the founding advisor of the LaFayette Big Picture School, and has shepherded two cohorts to graduation and is currently supporting his third cohort into their senior year. 

“Big Picture has helped me grow in so many ways in the past 11 years,” said Lenny, during his acceptance speech. “I did the math, and I have enjoyed over 500 student exhibitions and have learned something new from each one.”

Recently, a staff member described Lenny as, “The heart and soul of our school.” He approaches every day as a new day, and during each one, treats every student with care and kindness. Lenny plans interesting, hands-on, lessons designed to engage all students. He prioritizes talking with each student individually, every day, and works to understand their passions and interests. Lenny is a true leader in our school, for both students and staff. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Lenny! 

You can read a longer excerpt from Lenny’s acceptance speech in our latest GreenSheet newsletter

Check out a video made by teacher Ken Keech, who reads an autobiographical account from Lenny's youth: 

And this "thank you" video, made by some of Lenny's students: 

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