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Grimshaw's All-school Reading of 'Kenny and the Dragon' Underway

kenny and the dragon
On Monday, Grimshaw Elementary kicked off its participation in the “One School, One Book” initiative. All students were given a copy (to keep) of Tony DiTerlizzi’s “Kenny & the Dragon,” which they will be asked to read aloud at home with family members over the next month.

Every couple of days (following the completion of a scheduled chapter of the book), home room teachers will hold trivia contests in-class, giving students who correctly answer questions about what they’ve read the chance to win some cool dragon-themed prizes!  

Furthermore, Ms. Reppi created a huge painting of Grahame (the dragon from the book), but that is missing something key: the scales! Throughout the school, students will be rewarded with “dragon scales” for doing something positive throughout the day. These scales can be affixed to the painting of Graham, helping bring him to life in the school!  

All of these details (including the reading schedule and videos of guest readers) can be found by clicking here. We hope that all of our Grimshaw families will find something fun in this school-wide reading initiative.

Special thanks to Thanks to GAPS (Grimshaw Association of Parents and Staff) for supporting this and for everyone that participates in GAPS fundraising to help support this important program.
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