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Chains of Kindness

chain of kindness on display
Recently, the LaFayette Central School District’s Physical Education, Health & Family, and Consumer Science teachers undertook an endeavor that sought to include every student in our district, through the “Chain of Kindness” project!  

Throughout the four schools, December’s word was “kindness.” As such, students were tasked with finding ways to to show kindness throughout the month. Students could write down something they did that demonstrated kindness, or document examples of kindness being demonstrated by others. Staff was likewise encouraged write about incidents of kindness that they witnessed, all toward the ultimate goal of fostering a community of kindness throughout the district. 

With this written documentation of acts of kindness came paper “chain links” (created in a variety of colors), which were accumulated and brought together to form a Chain of Kindness that was hung in each school! At the end of the month, all the chains were brought together as one, a visual example of how much kindness was on display district-wide throughout the short month. 

Judging by the length of that chain (click on the photo to enlarge), the district had a December to be proud of!
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