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2021-2022 Budget Documents

2020-2021 Budget Documents

Budget Environment Update 2021-2022

2020-21 Budget Summary

2020-21 Proposed General Fund Budget


  • Proposition II - Vehicle Proposition
  • Proposition III – Creation of Capital Reserve
  • Proposition IV – Creation of Vehicle Reserve
  • Capital Outlay Project - Included in the 2020-2021 School District Budget

2020-21 Property Tax Report Card
This compares the 2019-20 budget and school tax levy against the proposed 2020-21 budget and estimated school tax levy.

  • Page 1 Property Tax Report Card
  • Page 2 Property Tax Report Card  

Public Disclosure of the Superintendent’s Salary and Benefits

Exemptions on Property Taxes Percentage 2019-20
Mandated report which shows the value and number of tax exemptions within the LaFayette Central School District.

The New York State School Fiscal Accountability Summary for LaFayette CSD 
This compares LaFayette CSD’s 2017-18 school year expenses against State averages.

The School Report Card for Students with Disabilities for LaFayette CSD
This compares student data in LaFayette against State averages.

Special Education District Data Profile (last published in 2017-2018)
This report includes information collected relative to special education compliance with state and federal requirements.

The New York State District Report Card, Accountability and Overview Report 2018-19 for LaFayette Central School District
This contains academic performance data.


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