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School Reopening Plan

Dear LaFayette Central School District Community:

Thank you to our Reopen LaFayette CSD Task Force, our administrative team, staff members, parents, and board members who contributed to our draft reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year. A copy of the plan has been posted on our website and is available via the following link: Please be sure to review this draft plan.

Once you have read our reopening plan, please complete a survey for each student in your home indicating your preference for instruction this fall by Thursday August 6th. The link to the survey follows:

In accordance with the Governor’s directive, the district has created a draft of three different opening plans:

  1. A return to in person instruction based on building and school transportation capacity

  2. A hybrid plan of in person instruction and remote instruction

  3. A digital or remote learning option

The district developed this reopening plan in accordance with guidance from the New York State Health Department and New York State Education Department. Our number one priority is the safety and security of our students and staff. We are fortunate to have small class sizes, large classrooms, and technology resources that are readily available so that students can benefit from instruction whether they are inside of our schools or learning from home.

We believe that we can safely return in the fall with an in person learning option for all students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, five days a week, as long as we can work together in meeting the safety, transportation, and learning needs of our students. For students who are not able or comfortable returning to school for in person instruction, we have been authorized to provide a digital learning option. Our administrative team created the survey mentioned above for families to indicate a preference for either 1) in person learning or 2) digital/remote learning. The survey also asks for additional information regarding your transportation needs.

In order to encourage social distancing on our school vehicles, we are asking families to consider transporting their own students to reduce capacity on our school buses. If you are planning to send your child to school for in-person instruction, please be sure to review all of the safety precautions that you and your child will need to take, some of which include:

1)    Completing a health screening each morning and not coming to school when you are sick. Please be aware that minor symptoms such as repeated coughing or sneezing, or a fever will result in children not being allowed to attend school.

2)    Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of germs (mask breaks will be provided throughout the day).

3)    Practicing social distancing at all times (staying 6 feet away from others).

4)    Washing your hands and practicing appropriate respiratory hygiene.

If you are indicating a preference for digital learning for safety or other reasons, please also be aware of the following:

1)    Attendance will be taken and your child will be expected to attend classes digitally during normal school hours

2)    Your child will be expected to login and follow the school schedule

3)    Live interaction with teachers and assistance will occur during school hours

Again, please be sure to review the draft reopening plan prior to completing the survey. The draft plan has been submitted to the New York State Health Department and New York State Education Department. Governor Andrew Cuomo will make a determination during the first week of August regarding the ability of schools to reopen. Once the Governor has made a decision and the district has reviewed survey results from families, we will make a final decision regarding our ability to reopen and follow up with additional information. Please also be aware that as circumstances relative to infection rates and hospitalization rates change in our community throughout the year that we may need to adapt and adjust which may require a return to distance learning for all students.

This reopening will require some heavy lifting and we will need everyone to work together. I realize that parents, students, and staff members have questions, concerns, hopes, and fears relative to reopening schools during this challenging time. It is going to take everyone working together in a positive and cooperative manner to develop solutions that meet the needs of our students and staff.

Please be sure to read our draft plan, complete the survey by Thursday August 6th, and stay tuned in August for additional information. We believe that by each of us doing our part that we can reopen schools in a safe manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to reach out to me: 315-677-9728 (office), 315-529-9550 (cell) or email


Jeremy Belfield

Superintendent of Schools

LaFayette Central School District 

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