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Reopening Plan Update COVID 19 Testing for Students and Staff

COVID-19 Testing

LaFayette CSD complies with CDC guidance and we do not conduct COVID-19 testing or require testing or antibody testing of students or staff members. The decision of whether a test needs to be conducted should be determined by a healthcare provider or the local department of health. The district is happy to host mobile testing units or coordinate with the Onondaga County Health Department regarding COVID-19 testing. The district will encourage testing by students and staff but the district will not require COVID-19 testing in accordance with guidance from state and federal officials. Here is a link to the testing protocol provided by the Onondaga County Health Department - click here.

School Reopening COVID-19 Testing Protocol- Onondaga County Health Department

Prior to the opening of school:

o   To mitigate risk of infection and to ensure that schools reopen safely, schools will offer voluntary testing opportunities in partnership with Onondaga County. This proactive testing will be available for all school staff at mobile testing sites throughout the County.  These sites will be appointment based. In addition to staff, high school students will also be given the opportunity to be tested. 

On-Going Testing:

o   Once schools are open, there will be specific protocol in place for instances where positive cases have been identified.  Each school will have a portal on their website that will allow for 24 hour testing for those who have been in school while symptomatic.


o   When a positive case has been identified, those who should be tested will be identified by the contact tracers of the Health Department and will be directed to schedule a test through the school’s website portal. 

Surveillance Testing:

o   To further promote safety and prevent COVID-19 spread, it will be appropriate to perform random saliva-based surveillance testing during the school year. This method of surveillance testing is approved by the New York State Department of Health.

Pools of approximately 12 staff and students will be tested using the saliva protocol.  Should the pool show the presence of COVID-19 everyone in the pool will need to have a diagnostic test performed on everyone who participated in that particular sample.

If you need a COVID-19 test please contact your primary care physician or visit the Onondaga County Health Department’s website to learn more about testing availability:


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