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Remote Learning During 2020-2021 School Year

LaFayette CSD is able to provide a return to in person instruction five days a week for all students who are able to return to school. However, the district will also provide a digital learning environment, in accordance with the guidance from NYSDOH and NYSED, for students who are not able or comfortable returning to an in-person learning environment. Families who would like their children to participate in digital/remote instruction should respond to the 2020/2021 Commitment Survey and indicate that they would like their children to participate in digital/remote learning -


Students who participate in remote learning should login at the start of the school day and follow their daily schedule for classes. Teachers will provide opportunities for live instruction based on the student’s daily schedule. Teachers will also provide access to recorded content through Google Classroom. Students without access to electronic devices or reliable internet service will be provided with district owned devices and hotspots for internet service. The district has a limited number of hotspots available. Only one hotspot will be provided per household and hotspots will be prioritized for families without access to reliable internet service. It should be noted that even with a district provided hotspot that not all families will have access to reliable high speed internet access. 


Digital/Remote Learning Plan

This model requires students to learn remotely from home and will be used when schools are closed by either state or local authorities related to a high spread of COVID-19 within our school community or state. 

Staff members should be prepared to shift at a moment’s notice to online instruction. This means that on the first day of school, staff must have a “Pivot Plan” that shares with parents and students important information such as:

  • Teacher contact information: email address

  • Google Classroom Information: Include the class code and directions for parents on how to access Google Classroom (grades 2-12) or See Saw (grades PK-1).

  • Information on how parents and students can obtain grades and feedback on assignments

  • Important information regarding assessment practices and grading policies

  • Schedule for logging in for live instruction (synchronous instruction). It is expected that staff members are available for live interaction with students during school hours. Content should be posted and recorded so students can access content outside of scheduled classes.

  • Teachers must keep attendance records and log daily learning activities using the distance learning log

  • Expectation - Post assignments (asynchronous learning) at a consistent time each day (ex: every morning by 8:00 AM) with a due date (provide a few days to complete)

    • Tip - After you post, announce times when you are available for small group or one on one instruction

  • Expectation - Follow up with students (synchronous learning) who are not engaging (email the student, email the parent, call the parent, contact your principal)

  • Focus on connecting with students and checking in on their well-being. Do they have everything they need ?(e.g. access to food, internet service, device charger, a working device, etc.).


Student Role and Responsibilities During Remote Learning:


LaFayette CSD students have a responsibility to attend to their academic studies on a regular basis during remote learning.

  • Students will follow accepted netiquette procedures when communicating online with teachers and peers.

  • Students should establish a learning space and daily academic schedule (in conjunction with their teachers).

  • Students should communicate their learning needs with their teachers and participate in assessment opportunities to determine progress (online quizzes, etc).

  • Students should check gmail during the normal school hours and respond when necessary.

Sample Student Schedule for Remote Learning:

7:00 AM - Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc.


7:30 AM - 11:00 AM Log in to Google Classroom and complete tasks for morning classes


11:00 AM- 12:00 PM Lunch


12:00 PM - 2:30 PM Log in and complete tasks for afternoon classes


2:30 PM - Pat yourself on the back for a full day of virtual learning!


Be sure to check with your teachers regarding your specific class schedule and for times when live interaction with instructors. 

Parent Role and Responsibilities:

Parents and guardians have a role in supporting learning when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs virtually.

  • Assist your student with creating a comfortable learning environment and the establishment of a regular academic routine

  • Provide materials and tools necessary for learning to occur (paper, pencils, calculator, devices, etc.)

  • Establish regular communication with the classroom teacher to check in with your student’s progress.

Meal Service

LaFayette CSD will provide meals to students who participate in remote learning. Meals are available for pick-up or delivery. Please contact Mr. Rob Kennedy at 315-956-0371 or 

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