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LaFayette District Technology

Director of Technology:
Network Administrator: Brandon Reppi
Network Administrator: Brian Wells      
HS Sys Ops: Sean Zehner
Grimshaw Sys Ops: Jennifer McDonald
ONS Sys Ops: Joanne Powless

The LaFayette Technology Dept. exists to support and encourage the active participation of students and staff in academic achievement.


Request Technology Help

Facility Management System

1.  Login ¨C
Username:  Type your username exactly as the one provided to you.
Password:  Your original password was provided in the AllLaf email from Rich Blair on Thu, 19 Jan 2006. See User Account Screen for directions on changing your password.  Click Login.

* If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address in the username box and you will receive an e-mail containing your password.

2. Change Your Password (User Options ¨C My Account) only required first time in system
First Name:  First name of user (not editable by user)
Middle Name: (not required) Middle name of user (not editable by user)
Last Name:  Last name of user (not editable by user)
Username:  Name entered at Login Screen must be entered exactly as shown here (not editable by user)
Password/Retype password:  Password chosen by user.  Password will be first name by default at system startup.  Password will not appear any time this screen is accessed but may be changed by typing new password in provided spaces.  See Login Screen for directions on how to access your password if you have forgotten it.
Phone Number:  Phone number of user (not editable by user)
Email Address:  Email address of user (not editable by user)
# of records/page:  Number of work orders that will be shown on a page of the View Work Order Screen
User Group:  Level of access the user is assigned (not editable by user)
Save:  Click the Save button to save any changes you have made.

3.  Enter a Work Order (Work Orders ¨C Create Work Order)
Contact Information:  Automatically entered based on your login.
Type of Request:  Select from Facilities or IT Department.
Building:  Select the building in which the problem exists.
Floor/Ground:  Select the floor or grounds where the problem exists.
Room:  Select the room where the problem exists.
Location:  Type the specific location where the problem exists.
Problem Description:  Type a detailed description of the problem.
Save:  Click the Save button to save and submit the work order you have entered.
Reset:  Click the Reset button to clear the text entered in the Location and Problem Description fields.

4.  Check the Status of Your Work Orders (View Work Orders ¨C View My Work Orders)
This screen shows new or in progress work orders that you have put in the system.

Id:  Indicates the number of a work order.  Clicking the number of a work order will take you to the Update Work Order Screen for that work order.
State:  Indicates the current status of a work order (work orders that have been rejected or are closed will not appear).
Description/Special:  Shows the Problem Description as it was entered on the Request Screen and indicates any special condition boxes checked by displaying an icon assigned to that special condition.  The names of the special conditions can be displayed by hovering over the icons.
Location:  Indicates the Building and Floor of the work order as they were entered on the Request Screen.
Updated:  Indicates the last person to act on the work order and the date the action took place.
Requested:  Indicates the person who requested the work order and the date of the request.

Work orders are sorted on this screen chronologically by the request date by default as indicated by the down arrow.  Clicking on the underlined column headers will sort the work orders by that column using the same down arrow to indicate the new sorting.  Clicking the same column header a second time will reverse the sort by that column using the up arrow to indicate the change.
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