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Ron Cooper: September 2018

During our opening day for staff, we honored Mr. Ron Cooper, Transportation Supervisor and Maintenance Crew Leader as our first “Legend of Learning” for the 2018-19 school year. Last spring, we had a retirement in the district office and we were in the midst of some financial challenges with less state aid than we had hoped for the coming school year.

Our very own Ron Cooper stepped up and offered to serve as both the supervisor of transportation and facilities. Ron hit the ground running this summer. Ron quickly made the rounds and worked with our head custodians, maintenance crew, and custodial workers to plan out summer cleaning, grounds maintenance and preparation for fall sports, all while still maintaining his previous responsibilities in the transportation department. Ron has spent many late nights and weekends this summer making sure that our buildings are prepared and that our transportation department is ready to go for this school year. Ron has advanced the mission and vision of this district by showing his passion for excellence - he has an eye for detail and seeks to complete tasks with precision. Ron has certainly gone above and beyond in taking on these additional responsibilities to make sure that our students and staff have safe, clean spaces for learning. Ron treats all staff members professionally and in a courteous manner. 
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